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A 1-part chlorine dioxide concentrated tablet that dissolves into water for odors treatments. Used in liquid form for large jobs. Used as vapor treatment for small jobs within a range of 625 ft3 - 1,250 ft3.
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Chlorine dioxide allows for highly effective treatment of odors due to its function, size, concentration and dwell time. Functionally, chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer that rapidly breaks down the structure of the odor particle to undetectable and nonfunctional matter. The size of chlorine dioxide is measured in nanometers, making it significantly smaller than the pores of the surfaces, allowing it to penetrate and eliminate the odor. Due to adequate concentration and dwell time, chlorine dioxide completely eliminates odors without negatively affecting surfaces.

Product Info

100 Gram Tab is a 1-part chlorine dioxide concentrated tablet that dissolves into water for odors treatments. It can be used as either a liquid or vapor treatment.


Treatable Odors: Liquid - Pet Urine & Feces, Skunk, Animal Decay, Food & Beverage Spills, CAT 3 Water, Petroleum Spills, Tobacco, Marijuana, Candles Vapor - Fire Damage, Sewer Gas, Curry + Cooking Odor, Manufactured Materials (VOC’s), Chinese Drywall, Musty Odor


All construction materials including wood, concrete, plastics, metals and glass; Textiles surfaces including carpet, upholstery and draperies; Vapor treatment use within hotel rooms.


Humans and animals should not occupy spaces where atmospheric chlorine dioxide exceeds 0.01 ppm (parts per million). Necessary personal protection equipment includes (1) a full face respirator with a multi gas/ vapor cartridge, and (2) nitrile gloves. Protective coveralls, like Tyvek, is also recommended when activating and working with the chlorine dioxide concentrate. Test the space with a ClO2 meter to ensure the levels are below 0.01ppm and authorized re-occupancy of the space. 
Refer to production protocol for more details.


Dilute into 25 gallons of water for liquid textile application; 5 gallons of water for liquid non-textile; and 1/2 gallon of water for vapor treatment. Compatible with SMK and BTM Sprayer. Efficiency System is required to aerate solution for vapor treatments. Refer to production protocol for more details.

Coverage Rate

Add “Chlorine Dioxide Selection Chart” for vapor treatment coverage.

Shelf Life and Storage

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