A flat white mold & moisture resistant coating that works to block-fill, water- proof and hide surface staining on masonry construction materials.
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  • Block fills voids and surface pores in concrete block and poured concrete
  • Self-priming to cover stains and discoloration

  • Seals out moisture from seepage

  • Forms a tough, resistant barrier to harsh environments and contaminants
  • Abrasion- resistant and scrubbable
  • Tintable, Water-based and non-flammable

Product Info

MasonryGuard is a flat white protective coating that works to block-fill, waterproof and hide surface staining on masonry construction materials. Once cured, it forms a durable, mold and moisture resistant* and scrubbable flat white finish that resists up to 23 psi hydrostatic pressure. When used with EnviroSeal, the two-part system prevents efflorescence and prevents the premature failure of MasonryGuard. *Treated Articles Exemption - This product contains an EPA registered antimicrobial to protect the coating from non-public health fungi and odor causing bacteria. No public health claims are being made.


All cementitious surfaces especially in unconditioned and moisture prone areas such as, basements and crawl spaces


MasonryGuard is used to protect and seal above and below-grade masonry construction materials including but not limited to poured concrete, pre-formed concrete, brick, concrete block, mortar joints and concrete composites like cementitious siding and cement board. Other surfaces include poured subfloors, piers, structural poured and block formed walls.


Consult SDS for details


MasonryGuard is formulated as a ready- to-use coating and should not be diluted. It can be applied with a brush, roller or airless sprayer to obtain an even finish. Do not apply past the point of run-off. A cross-hatching technique is the best way to ensure sufficient wet/dry film thickness and complete coverage. Consult the Enviroguard New Construction Warranty and Enviroguard Existing Construction Warranty documents for details.

Coverage Rate

Up to 105 ft2 per gallon (525 ft2 per pail = 16 wet mils), based upon surface texture, porosity, age and application method. Does not include loss from over-spray or over-use.

Shelf Life & Storage

24 Months

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