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A clear, non-gloss odor sealant that pre- serves the original look of surfaces when burn marks, staining or charring are not present. It also seals in tough, deeply embedded animal and cooking odors.
Available in 5 Gallon Pails

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VaporLock Clear seals tough, deeply embedded odors. As an clear coating, it is designed for restoration professionals for use in sealing smoke odors after structural fire damage. VaporLock Clear can be used as a finish/top coat over existing paints and primers (both latex and oil-based) once cleaning is complete. Other odors that it can effectively seal include: pet urine, tobacco/nicotine, marijuana, curry/cooking/food, bird/animal feces, bat guano, candles, decay, mold/musty odors. VaporLock Clear includes an EPA registered antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of mold/mildew on the coating’s surface*. It applies white and dries to a clear non-gloss finish.

*Treated Articles Exemption - This product contains an EPA registered antimicrobial to protect the coating from non-public health fungi and odor causing bacteria. No public health claims are being made.


  • Clear for sealing and finish/top coating
  • Seals in smoke, animal and other organic odors on semi-porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Nearly odorless formulation
  • Water-based and non-flammable
  • Low viscosity for use with a wide variety of application equipment
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water


VaporLock is used to seal most construction materials including treated and untreated lumber, OSB, particle board, masonry surfaces, concrete, brick, wall board, painted surfaces and composite construction materials. Surfaces also include sheathing, trusses, framing, joists, plates, pillars, posts, beams and studs.


Consult SDS for details

Coverate Rate

Suggested coverage for odor sealing is 320 ft2 per gallon (5 wet mils). For superior antimicrobial protection of the coating*, apply at 160 ft2 per gallon (10 wet mils). Results may vary based upon surface texture, porosity, age and application method. Coverage rates do not include loss from over-spray or over-use.

Shelf Life & Storage

24 Months

Support Documents

Technical Documents

VaporLock Clear Container Label

VaporLock TDS

VaporLock Clear SDS

Wet Film Thickness and Coating Specifications

Sales Support

VaporLock Fundamentals Guide

VaporLock Sell Sheet

VaporLock vs the Competition

VaporLock at Emory University

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Use and Instructions


Interior conditioned and unconditioned areas of a building including crawlspaces, basements, attics it’s structure.


Apply as supplied using a brush, roller or sprayer. Do not dilute. To reduce viscosity in spray applications, a small amount of water may be added if necessary. Only apply if surface, air and product temperatures are between 40°-90°F (4°-32°C). Stir thoroughly before and occasionally during use. Coat the entire surface to ensure a uniform appearance.

Your Problems

VaporLock was designed to seal surfaces.

Odor from fire, smoking, animal infestation, cooking, biological decomposition, fuel, and other sources are easily trapped into semi-porous surfaces like paint, wood, concrete and other materials. As the odor escapes, it's not only a nuisance to those living or working in the environment but it can be a deterrent to the sale of a property.

Our Solutions

Seals Odor Permanently

VaporLock's superior micro emulsion system, permanently seals in relentless odors. This impermeable vinyl polymer technology is a direct replacement for shellac, oil and solvent based systems without the downsides.


While VaporLock's water-based competitors use acrylic resins to try to control odor release, we understand that's a losing proposition. Whether odors are from fire, cooking, smoke, animal infestation, or just about any other source, VaporLock simply works.


Oil and solvent based products have another issue, they become brittle and form hairline cracks once dry. VaporLock is built with plasticizers that permit expansion and contraction of the sealer due to changes in temperatures and surfaces over time.

Saves on Reconstruction

For surfaces that are unharmed but only require odor sealing, VaporLock Clear is the perfect tool for the job. This saves labor hours and material cost, and gets owners back into their properties more quickly.


VaporLock is water-based, making cleanup easy. A little soap and water is all you need to clean surfaces or equipment after use.  

Zero Shine

Preserving the original look of protected surfaces is important. VaporLock Clear imparts a flat, clear finish so that it looks like there was never a problem.  In real estate transactions, that can make or break a sale.

No Fumes

VaporLock's fume-free formula makes working with it a pleasure. It also prevents customer complaints and call-backs.


Unlike it's oil and solvent based competitors, VaporLock is non-flammable which makes a lot of sense since odor sealers are commonly used after fires.

Recommended by Professionals

Unlike every other water-based odor sealer on the market, VaporLock actually works and is proven and recommended by hundreds of contractors throughout North America.


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