A concentrated cross contamination control agent that encapsulates air and surface borne particles/contaminants and immobilizes them on surfaces until cleaned away. Typically used with a ULV fogger.
Available in 4x1 Gallon Case.


Knockdown is a concentrated cross contamination control agent that is generally used with a fogger. It can be used after demolition, after cleanup and/or before clearance testing. Knockdown works by encapsulating air and surface borne particles and contaminants and then immobilizes them on surfaces until they are cleaned away.


  • Surrounds contaminants, fragments and particles such as mold spores, heavy metals, asbestos and dust
  • Drops contaminants to surfaces and locks them in place until cleaning to prevent cross-contamination
  • During cleaning (such as the REACT/EXTRACT Remediation System), Knockdown and the contaminants it has encapsulated are easily removed producing a cleaner environment


Knockdown is used in three primary ways. First, it can be used after demolition to encapsulate, settle and adhere mold spores, heavy metals, asbestos and other airborne particles to surfaces for easy control and disposal during cleaning. Second, it can be used once remediation is complete to capture any remaining airborne particulate to help guarantee clearance. Finally, Knockdown can be used prior to clearance testing to help eliminate potential peripheral sources of contamination that could impact an otherwise completed remediation.


Knockdown is compatible with all surfaces; however, it is a film former that could leave glass and shiny surfaces spotted. Any spotting can be easily removed with water.



  • Full face mask with N-95 Particulate Filter
  • Tyvek Suit (or equivalent) for indirect exposure jobs
  • Nitrile Gloves (with work gloves) or Chemical resistant coated work gloves
  • Consult SDS for additional safety details


Temporarily suspend negative air and fog Knockdown into the space and build to 100% humidity. Once reached, allow the Knockdown application to dwell for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, evacuate the fog but re-engaging negative air. Once this is complete, cleaning can begin.

Coverage Rate

Fog until dew point (100% humidity) is reached.

Shelf Life & Storage

24 months


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