A concentrated cross-contamination control agent that encapsulates air and surface borne particles/contaminants (such as spores, dust, asbestos and heavy metals) and immobilizes them on surfaces until cleaned away. Apply via ULV fogger, pump sprayer, electrostatic sprayer or electric sprayer. Shelf Life: 24 months Spray Coverage: Up to 500 ft^2 per gallon Fogging Coverage: 3-5 ounces per 1,000 ft3

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Knockdown is a concentrated cross contamination control agent that is generally used with a fogger. It can be used after demolition, after cleanup and/or before clearance testing. Knockdown works by encapsulating air and surface borne particles and contaminants and then immobilizes them on surfaces until they are cleaned away.


  • Surrounds contaminants, fragments and particles such as mold spores, heavy metals, asbestos and dust
  • Drops contaminants to surfaces and locks them in place until cleaning to prevent cross-contamination
  • During cleaning (such as the REACT/EXTRACT Remediation System), Knockdown and the contaminants it has encapsulated are easily removed producing a cleaner environment


Knockdown is compatible with all surfaces; however, it is a film former that could leave glass and shiny surfaces spotted. Any spotting can be easily removed with water.



  • Full face mask with N-95 Particulate Filter
  • Tyvek Suit (or equivalent) for indirect exposure jobs
  • Nitrile Gloves (with work gloves) or Chemical resistant coated work gloves
  • Consult SDS for additional safety details

Coverage Rate

Fog until dew point (100% humidity) is reached.

Shelf Life & Storage

24 months

Additional information


1 Gallon, 4x1 Gallon Case


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