Fortify Maintenance


Built for your annual maintenance program and your customer's long term protection, Fortify Maintenance is a concentrated and foggable booster treatment. It keeps the antimicrobial and moisture resistance capacity levels of ClearGuard, MaxGuard and MasonryGuard at peak from year-to-year in unconditioned and inaccessible spaces. It's made to add value and performance to your annual inspection and dehumidifier filter changes.

Available in 5 Gallon Pails

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Fortify for Maintenance

Even the best products have limitations. As protective coatings age, antimicrobial capacity and moisture resistance wane. Without maintenance, protective capacity degrades gradually to the point where moisture related issues can return. Simply fog apply Fortify according to the base coating's maintenance schedule and mold and moisture resistance will remain at peak levels.

Fortify for Inaccessible Spaces

Not every surface is practical to reach. When this occurs, Fortify can be used in it's foggable dilution to lay down an annual barrier of protection that inhibits seasonal mold conditions.


Consult SDS for details

Shelf Life & Storage

24 Months

*Treated Articles Exemption - This product contains an EPA registered antimicrobial to protect the coating from non-public health fungi and odor causing bacteria. No public health claims are being made.


Moisture Resistant

Fortify forms a breathable yet moisture resistant barrier on structural surfaces to prevent against increases in substrate moisture content whether through exposure to condensation, humidity or rainfall.

Uni-Directional Breathability

Fortify is breathable to prevent against locking in moisture which could lead to wet or dry rot conditions. This works by allowing water vapor to escape from structural surfaces while preventing absorption from the environment.

Mold Resistant

Our antimicrobial won the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for Designing Safer Chemistries. It's original marine application for the protection of hulls of sea going vessels to minimize algae growth while maximizing fuel efficiency translates directly to it's structural effectiveness in moisture prone areas, post remediation or in air spaces where condensing moisture is likely from thermal bridging and/or converging but opposite in temperature air masses that induce dew point. It's additional leach resistance capacity ensures a long service life, and it's non-persistence in the environment prevents pollution and liability.

No Fumes

Fortify is built from non-Volatile Organic Compound containing raw materials to prevent against fumes both during and after application.

Easy to Apply

When diluted, Fortify is water thin, making it easy to apply by airless/electric, pump or electrostatic sprayer and fogger.

Easy to Inspect

Transparent protection allows you and your customer (including IEPs or Industrial Hygienists) to see that surfaces have been cleaned without changing the way structural surfaces look

Use and Instructions


Use on structural and construction materials such as treated and untreated lumber, plywood, OSB, particle board, cement board, wallboard, composite construction materials and metals. Probable areas of use are structural surfaces within the building envelope including warm-side sheathing, trusses, framing, joists, plates, pillars, posts, beams, gypsum board and backer board.


Fortify should be applied directly to the surface to the point of saturation but not past the point of run-off. Once diluted, Fortify is a low viscosity sealant.  Apply the diluted solution of Fortify with a pump sprayer, fogger, electrostatic sprayer or airless sprayer (or any other similarly manual or powered equipment).

  • For storm and water damage response, use a 2:1 dilution (2 parts water to 1 part Fortiy). Apply to the point of run-off at a rate of up to 300 ft2 per gallon of ready-to-use solution.
  • For resurfacing Enviroguard Protective Coatings, use a 9-to-1 dilution (9 parts water to 1 part Fortify). Apply at a rate of 160 ft2 per gallon of ready-to-use solution. Coverage may vary due to surface texture, porosity, age and application method. This does not include loss from over-spray or over-use.

Technical Documents

Fortify SDS

Fortify TDS

Fortify Container Label


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