EnviroSeal Concrete Densifier

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Penetrating sealant that prevents efflorescence, imparts chemical resistance and strengthen concrete and concrete products by permanently converting water soluble minerals into insoluble minerals.
Available in 5 Gallon Pails

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EnviroSeal Penetrating Concrete Sealer is a ready-to-use, reactive sealer, formulated for maximum penetration and sealing of capillaries in concrete and cementitious substrates against liquids and gases.. It permanently seals new or old concrete, mortar, plaster, stucco, and porous limestone, indoors and outdoors - foundation walls, concrete slabs, and driveways, concrete block retaining walls, sidewalks, patios, pool decks and sidewalks. When applied to concrete or masonry, soluble silicates react with calcium hydroxide to reduce porosity and permeability of the concrete matrix. This serves to increase the hardness and chemical resistance which, in turn, increases the service life of the surface.

EnviroSeal is completely inorganic, water soluble and has been shown to be environmentally friendly. Membrane-forming sealers can be worn away in high-traffic areas, leaving the unprotected concrete unsightly and susceptible to chemical attack. Since EnviroSeal penetrates into the concrete, it won’t scratch or peel off. In fact, the surface of the concrete treated with EnviroSeal can be polished with a buffing machine in order to achieve a high sheen, glassy look.

EnviroSeal is not intended to seal cracks, joints, or gaps. Not suitable for concrete less than 3 inches thick, fiber-reinforced concrete, concrete with little or no cement content (lightweight, dry pressed, spilt face, or popcorn blocks) or concrete containing additives like integrally colored concrete, patching or leveling compounds.

How Does EnviroSeal Function?

EnviroSeal is a cost-effective concrete sealant, but like cement itself, it yields the best results to those who thoroughly understand how it works.

When dry cement is mixed with water, the cement particles begin to dissolve and react to form a calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H). The volume of C-S-H is greater than the original unhydrated cement particles, so as C-S-H forms it fills in porosity, providing strength and rigidity to the cement. Another by-product of cement hydration is calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2). The presence of Ca(OH)2 adversely affects the properties of cement because it is attacked by acids and other chemicals. It also tends to crystallize as hexagonal platelets near the paste/aggregate interface, resulting in a poorly packed (i.e., low density) weak area. Applying EnviroSeal, however, reduces the amount of Ca(OH)2 near the surface because EnviroSeal reacts with Ca(OH)2 to form C-S-H (see chemical equation below). As a result, the surface is less permeable, more resistant to chemical attack, and overall more durable.

Ca(OH)2 + sodium silicate = C-S-H + free Na or NaOH

The C-S-H gel formed from this reaction is insoluble in water and more resistant to acid and other chemical attack.

All concrete is porous, although the type and amount of porosity can vary greatly from one concrete to the next. These differences occur because of the water-to-cement ratio, amount of working, quantity and type of aggregate, temperature and various other factors. Depending on its quality, method of placement and curing, a standard concrete can contain a significant percentage of Ca(OH)2 which also contributes to porosity when it dissolves. Therefore, it is essential to convert the Ca(OH)2 to C-S-H in order to increase the life of the concrete.

Why Is This Important

The final strength and properties of concrete are impacted by the degree of calcium silicate hydrate it contains relative to its porosity. Therefore, EnviroSeal increases concrete strength by replacing soluble lime with the C-S-H. EnviroSeal increases the density of concrete because C-S-H forms where the Ca(OH)2 used to be. And, since chemicals attack concrete (and rebar) by penetrating the pores, the presence of more C-S-H increases the durability of the substrate.

Shelf Life

24 months

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1 Gallon, 4x1 Gallon Case, 5 Gallon Pail

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  1. Dan Derbes

    Great product! We have been using Enviroseal for a couple of years. The product really works. We help our customers with basement and crawl space efflorescence on their foundation walls. After removing the efllorescence, we apply Enviroseal to stop the moisture penetration and often we apply MasonryGuard for that next layer of protection.

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