BTM Electric Spray System

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A dual pump electric sprayer system that allows for the simultaneous spraying of two products through one piece of equipment. Originally designed as a labor saving tool for the REACT/EXTRACT Remediation System, it can also be paired with other low viscosity Enviroguard products to maximize their efficiency.

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The BTM Electric Spray System “breaks the mold” of conventional sprayers. Central to the REACT/EXTRACT Remediation System (for mold, water, fire or biohazard services) is the BTM Electric Spray System. With it's dual gun design, technicians can complete work in less than half the time! With 50 feet of reinforced, braided hose, the sprayer and chemicals are out of the way making jobs hassle-free.  Originally designed as a labor-saving tool for the two-part OxyPrep + Oxypar Restoration System, it can also be paired with other Enviroguard cleaners and sealants of low viscosity to maximize efficiency. The dual product system allows for both in series and simultaneous spraying through one piece of equipment. The BTM Electric Spray System is manufactured exclusively for Enviroguard and carries a 12 months parts and labor warranty.


  • (1) BTM Base Unit
  • (2) 50' Reinforced, Braided Hose Assemblies (color-coded with quick connect stainless steel fittings)
  • (2) PSG Gun Assemblies (quick connect stainless steel fittings)
  • (2) 18" Lance Assemblies (with quick connect stainless steel fittings)
  • (2) Dual Color-Coded Couplers (with 80˚ 0.1, 0.2 and 0.4 gallon per minute fan spray nozzles)


  • Powered by electricity (120v)
  • Quick connecting assemblies for fast/easy setup and cleanup
  • Delivers 50 psi to the surface to prevent against chemical blow-back
  • Draws from pre-mixed solution (any low viscosity Enviroguard product)
  • Draws two separate chemical products, with no shared wetted components
  • Separate guns let the user(s) apply separate products with increased efficiency
  • Viton seals are standard throughout the unit for durability / chemical resistance
  • 80˚ fan nozzles at 0.1, 0.2 and 0.4 gallon per minute flow rate covers 18"" to 24"" per pass
  • Weight:  44lbs
  • 12 months parts and labor warranty


  • Up to 150 ft of Quick Connect Hose (per line) available
  • 15, 40 and 80 degree nozzles in 0.1 - 1.0 gallon per minute flow rates available
  • 45, 90 degree elbows available
  • Multi-Operator Assembly for up to 6 PSG Guns

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2 reviews for BTM Electric Spray System

  1. Abe

    We have been using the BTM electric spray system for years, helping us finish jobs much faster. I'm always looking for ways to improve what we do.

    Thanks EnviroGuard for always having my back.

  2. Ed Burnell

    The BTM sprayer has been an effective tool for delivery of the OXYPrep / Par products. The machine has held up well under harsh conditions and tough usage!

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