Botanical 5 Gallon Pail

A ready-to-use, minimum risk pesticide that meets the EPA'S requirements of 40 CFR 152.25 for spray, fog or electrostatic application for cleaning as well as treatment contaminated, water damaged or mold damaged properties.

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Botanical is a ready-to-use, minimum risk pesticide, deodorizer and cleaner that meets EPA requirements according to 40 CFR 152.25. It is effective in knocking down airborne contamination prior to cleaning via ULV fogging. It can also be spray applied to surfaces It is effective on hard, semi-porous and porous surfaces. Use after interior/exterior structural cleaning in order to neutralize any remaining odors.


  • No PPE required for use
  • Registered as a Minimum Risk Pesticide
  • Made with all G.R.A.S. food grade products
  • I20- No pesticide applicators license required


Use to clean, deodorize or treat all surfaces


Botanical is safe to use on all surfaces including, but not limited to, finished and unfinished wood, laminates, stone, masonry, metal, fiberglass, composite, plastic, painted or sealed surfaces.


Consult SDS for details




Saturate surfaces with Botanical in order to penetrate both the soil on top of the surface as well as the surface itself (if it is semi-porous or porous in nature). Heavily soiled or stained surfaces may require scrubbing, brushing, additional dwell time or reapplication to achieve desired results. If significant staining is present, post treat with OxyPrep Stain Remover once cleaning is complete. The longer the wet contact time, the greater the cleaning effectiveness. Surfaces must remain visibly wet for 10-20 minutes for effective odor control. Only apply if surface temperatures are between 40°F and 120°F.

Shelf Life & Storage

24 months

Additional information

Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 16 cm

5 Gal Pail, 4×1 Case, 55 Gallon Drum, 275 Gallon Tote

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