Disinfect & Deodorize

The need for disinfection and odor control are at the heart of remediation, restoration and moisture control services. Enviroguard has partnered with Dutrion, a Netherlands-based corporation, to provide EPA-registered, List N quick dissolving tablets. The tablets are sized to make quarts, gallons, 5-gallon pails, and 6-gallon to 25-gallon (and larger) batches of virucide and disinfectant. In addition, Dutrion Powder 20 are our new chlorine dioxide kits for eliminating odor in both through vapor and liquid applications. Best of all, Dutrion product packaging is small and light, relieving valuable storage space while controlling the cost of shipping.

So whether you need an EPA-registered, List N product for COVID disinfection, Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, or Biohazard Cleanup services; or you need a fast, reliable odor elimination product to serve your residential, real estate and property management and builder customers, Enviroguard offers exactly what you need to get the job done on time and on budget.

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