April 9, 2021

Our First ever Dutrion LIVESTREAM is complete!

In this LIVESTREAM, we introduced you to 1-gram, 4-gram, 20-gram and 100-gram Dutrion tablets. We discussed:

  • Dutrion Uses & Instructions
  • Disinfectant Dilution vs Virucide Dilution
  • Kills Claims and Dwell Times
  • Resources and Safety
  • Shelf Life and Storage Savings
  • Pricing and Cost Savings
  • Ordering and Starter Kits

Visit the Dutrion line at: https://enviroguarddirect.com/product-category/odor-control/

If you want to go to our next livestream same time next week click this link: https://youtu.be/bKqANxGZya8

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