May 5, 2021

MaxGuard and ClearGuard Were Designed to Solve Specific Moisture Problems

MaxGuard and ClearGuard were designed to solve specific moisture problems. In areas like basements, crawlspaces and attics, unsealed surfaces can hold high levels of moisture due to repeated bouts of condensation from improper ventilation, moisture release, and dew point events. In addition, natural disasters can drive large amounts of moisture into and through the building envelope to the point of substantial loss. In either case, elevated structural moisture content can ultimately result in mold growth, structural damage and poor indoor air quality.

Enviroguard's coatings and sealants offer top of the line protection and preservation of surfaces. MaxGuard and ClearGuard are perfect examples of Enviroguard's distinct products. Both products offer uncompromised moisture resistance due to their superior resin system. The resin system not only acts as a permanent barrier on surfaces to prevent moisture content increases it allows the product to "bite and lock" for a powerful adhesion to surfaces for superior, long-lasting protection.

Other industry leading coating typically require 20 wet mills (80 square feet per gallon) to achieve warranted coverage. Due to MaxGuard and ClearGuards proprietary resin and award winning antimicrobial systems, warranted coverage is achieved at only 10 wet mils (160 square feet per gallon). At nearly half the wet mil thickness of other industry leaders, MaxGuard offers a 10-year limited warranty on existing construction and a 15-year limited warranty on new construction against mold formation on the coating.

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