Enviroguard Inventory MANAGEment Program

Running out of the products and materials that you need to complete a job on-time always leads to wasted time and money, and it creates headaches and distractions. With the Inventory Management Program from Enviroguard, running out is a thing of the past.

Step 1: Apply for a Credit Account

To begin, apply for and open a "Net 30 Credit Account" with Enviroguard. We recommend using current credit account references that meet the expectations of your monthly chemical use on your credit application. Simply submit the completed credit application via email as shown on the application to get things started.


Between your Enrollment and your first Inventory Replenishment Sheet, you'll set up your preferences like ship-to location, mins/pars, product selection, authorized program contact(s), call ahead notifications, lift gate requirements and billing information. If you need to update your preferences at any time, simply call or email your Enviroguard program representative at your convenience.

Step 3: Pick Your Product Mix

Your initial inventory should consist of your historical volumes and product types for best accuracy. The inventory can be a mix of any product from Enviroguard that meets your service needs. Keep in mind that as your inventory depletes, you'll receive replenishment shipments that are based on your product choices as well as the minimums and par levels that you have set. For practicality and efficiency, we'll replenish your inventory based on three factors: minimum levels, shipping times and the ability to palletize the shipment. You can modify these details with your Enviroguard representative as your needs change.

Step 4: Set Your "Mins" and "Par Levels"

One of the benefits of the inventory management program is that you'll never run out of any Enviroguard product that you use (It will also prevent mistakes like accidentally purchasing the wrong product when you're in a hurry). To ensure this, as we're setting you up, you'll select your "Par Level" (maximum) and "Min Level" (minimum) levels on each product for your inventory. Your weekly tracker will tell us exactly when to replenish to keep things as close to "Par Level" as possible.

Step 5: Enjoy Accuracy, Convenience and Savings

Once you're a part of the Inventory Managment Program, a designated representative from your company will log into your Enviroguard portal before noon eastern every Friday to log use numbers for the current week. On the following Monday, your replenishment order per your par levels will be confirmed and shipped. It's that easy.

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If you'd like to learn more about our Inventory Management Program, click the button below to contact our team. An Enviroguard representative will reach out to you shortly with more information.

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