August 31, 2021

Hope for Kajiado

Kenya is home to a generation of orphans created by poverty and disease, including HIV/AIDS. We believe every child deserves hope…hope for loving care, education and medical care so they can build a better future. Children need love, education, family, shelter and food. That’s where we can make the difference on the world stage. That’s why Enviroguard is involved.

Hope For Kajiado supports Kajiado Children’s Home, an orphanage 2 hours southwest of Nairobi, Kenya. Since opening in 1997, the home has provided loving Christian care, family, shelter, food, clothing, medical and educational needs. Hope For Kajiado also supports the Light Foundation which provides scholarships for refugee children from the Congo to attend school in a Christian environment.

Their Board of Directors is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers. No one receives any compensation. This enables 100% of our donations to go straight to the mission. You can learn more at https://hope4kajiado.org/.

Beginning in July 2021, Enviroguard sponsored its first child named Faith. She lost both parents to HIV/AIDS and was living in extreme poverty when she was rescued in 2018. With our sponsorship and your continued support of Enviroguard, Faith will be guaranteed the food, clothing, shelter, education and family that every child deserves.

Our desire to contribute to and be a part of the mission only begins with Faith. In the coming months, we hope to sponsor more children as we move toward being a regular capital project contributor for needed building renovations and the construction of a new primary boarding school. In 2022, it's our aim to travel to Kenya from June 2 through June 12 and contribute our time to building the mission in a more hands on way.

As you can probably tell, we're just learning about the mission and the opportunities to serve. As our knowledge grows and as we learn about more opportunities where we can give, we'll keep you informed on how your support of Enviroguard is changing the lives of the children at Kajiado Children's Home.

Non-Profit Overview

Mission: Alleviate poverty and disease for children in Africa by providing for their physical, educational and spiritual needs.

Results: Kajiado Children's Home is an orphanage in Kenya that receives most of it's support from Hope For Kajiado Corporation. Hundreds of children have grown up at Kajiado Children's Home since it opened in 1997, with over seventy graduating from college to date. Many others have completed other career aspirations as well. They have all grown to be productive citizens of Kenya, and many return to their childhood home to help mentor the younger children living there today. Kajiado Children's Home is creating a better tomorrow, one child at a time, by breaking the cycle of poverty and disease in their life. Only the most desperate-in-need children are admitted, to help make the biggest difference. Hope For Kajiado Corporation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, based in the US, that raises money and provides grants for their care. Hope For Kajiado also provides an annual grant for the light Foundation to help educate refuge children in Nairobi. Your tax-deductible donations are used solely for the benefit of children in East Africa with no administrative fees.

Target demographics: Break the cycle of poverty and disease for orphaned children

Direct beneficiaries per year: 100 children

Geographic areas served: Kenya

Programs: A safe environment to grow and learn, these children receive loving care, food, clothing, & access to medical and educational needs to become productive citizens.

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