August 19, 2020

Enviroguard's focus: Your top and bottom line

I'll bet on more than one occasion your customers have asked you for a warranty on your services. If so, you're not in the minority. I've had that conversation hundreds of times, maybe even with you. Rightfully, your response to your customers has probably been something like "Since we can't control anything after we complete a job, we can't offer a warranty beyond the quality of our work". That idea stuck in my head enough that it lead me to working toward a solution that protects both you and your customers

You may have heard that for the last few years, I've been working on a warranty product that can help our customers generate greater initial sales while also setting up future residual sales. In 2016 and 2017, I hosted multiple lunch n' learns to introduce how a warranty product based on controlling mold and moisture could fit into a service company's business.  That lead to an article with R&R Magazine called "Capturing Stable Sales Revenue in 2017" . It was well received but it also shed light on all of the work ahead. 

"...a warranty product that can help our customers generate greater initial sales while also setting up future residual sales"

In 2018 and with insurance underwriter support, we launched a paper-based product with a focus on the combination of annual inspection, warranty and the accumulation of the annual inspections that came to be known as the Property History Report. After twelve months of testing, learning and adjusting, I co-authorized another R&R Magazine article called "The Evolution of Stable Sales Revenue"

At that point, it was obvious that in order to make the system user friendly and scalable, a digital platform was necessary that included CRM, payment processing, digital signatures, document sharing, appointment scheduling, and marketing capabilities. In January of 2019, OnGuard Systems, a separate company dedicated to insurance-backed guarantees complete with digital inspections and property history reporting, became a reality. 

"OnGuard combines an annual inspection, insurance-backed guarantee and property history reporting system into one product that enhances and protects properties."

It's with great passion and excitement that I introduce you to OnGuard, the perfect add-on service to your existing company. Beginning September 9th and 10th, we will be hosting a two day certification class to teach you how to integrate OnGuard into your business as a tool to help you leverage greater initial sales while helping you build a residual profit center for stability and to increase your company's value over time. After all, unlike one-time sales, contracts have value and if we can help you build thousands of contracts, then we've achieved an important milestone.

I want to talk to you directly, so besides linking to some more information like "Launch OnGuard in Three Easy Steps", please email me directly at mmaier@enviroguarddirect.com and let's set up a 30-minute window to discuss.

Thanks for your support and loyalty.

Mark Maier, President

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