Enviroguard Certified Firm

The Enviroguard Certified Firm program is the first of its kind to train entire companies (from sales through operations) on how to launch a product system that maximizes safety, efficiency, market share and profit. Certification is built on three platforms: Training, Support Tools and Branding.

Enviroguard training

Training takes place two ways. It usually begins with individuals completing the 12-part online curriculum in order to develop a baseline and familiarity with Enviroguard and the product line. From there, the company either hosts or participates in a regionalized Enviroguard Training Event such as the REACT|EXTRACT Sales & Operations Course. Courses like this provide everyone from technicians and sales people (sometimes called Estimators) to managers and owners with the tools necessary to launch an Enviroguard System successfully and in an organized way. Several times per year a new course will be offered to help grow and support your company's sales as well as to act as continuing education. As an Enviroguard customer participating in the certification program, these courses are free of charge.

Click here to learn about the REACT|EXTRACT Sales & Operations Course.

Enviroguard Support Tools

Sales Support Tools are under constant development and are available for co-branding for those participating in the certification program. Tools include assets like:

  • Sell sheets
  • Presentations
  • Videos

These tools meant to educate your customers while also differentiating you from competition. Whether you're educating individual homeowners or groups of realtors, we'll help you prepare for your meetings. And if you have ideas for other useful tools, we'll be more than happy to schedule a web meeting where we can outline and organize ideas for the design and production of a new sales tool. As with our training, these services are free of charge to Enviroguard customers participating in the certification program.

enviroguard branding

When your company signs up for certification, you'll receive an Enviroguard Branding License and Brand Guide. The branding license is free but outlines how the Enviroguard branding assets should be used. From vehicle graphics and print pieces to your website and social media, we'll be glad to help you with ideas to maximize your partnership with Enviroguard. Once your license is executed, an individual from the Enviroguard Marketing Team will reach out to you to familiarize you with our systems.

Getting Started

If you'd like to partner with Enviroguard and participate in the Enviroguard Certification Program, simply register below. An Enviroguard representative will be in touch following registration.



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