No matter how good you are, your customers ultimately decide the services that they're willing to pay for. Here's a quick guide on pairing each customer type with the product(s) that you'll need for completing the mold service(s) they select.

The "Make It Look Good" Customer

Perhaps the most prevalent and notorious of all customers is the "Make It Look Good" customer. These are the ones who are on a tight budget (and typically need the job done fast) and simply want their property to look great (think real estate transactions). In this case, OxyPrep is safe and fast for removing mold stains on contact.

The "Kill It" Customer

While "killing mold" may have nothing to do with mold remediation, it's certainly a request we and you hear almost daily. In that case, make sure you're destroying both the spore and the plant form of the mold to prevent against as much regrowth as possible. Dutrion from Enviroguard is the product that offers both of these benefits.

The "Let's Clean" Customer

Sometimes you have surface mold to remediate but it's not yet resulted in deeply embedded staining or growth. In that case, your choice is Oxypar LR. It not only cleans up the surface quickly, but it identifies all biological contaminants on contact, and lifts and suspends everything for a quick wipe down.

The "Safety First" Customer

If safety is your customer's #1 goal and they tend to have allergies or they're simply sensitive to most chemicals, then Botanical is your best choice. Unlike the competition, Botanical is a minimum risk products and is manufactured with 100% food grade ingredients for the ultimate safety in a cleaner and antimicrobial.

The Multi-Service Customer

Some of your customer's will want two or even three of your mold services. For example, some may want you to mitigate staining and also kill the mold spores and vegetative growth on the surface. In this case, your products would be OxyPrep and Dutrion. Similarly, they could prize eliminating the stain but also creating a clean surface (see above).

The "Do It Right" Customer

The customer we all want to work with is the "Do It Right" customer. This is the customer who wants to understand the S-520 and who wants you to operate according to the standards and not by their limited knowledge. In that case, OxyPrep and Oxypar LR will give you the soil load removal and efficiency that you're looking for while delivering the best results. Once the surface is clean, then Dutrion will be your go-to disinfectant to destroy any remnant vegetative or spore form mold on the surface.

The "I Never Want This To Happen to Me Ever Again" Customer

When educated properly, the "Do It Right" customer can become the "I Never Want This To Happen to Me Ever Again" customer. In this case, the customer is not only willing to pay for true and proper mold remediation services using OxyPrep, Oxypar LR and Dutrion, but they're also looking for moisture control solution that could be related to the exterior (X4), unconditioned spaces (ClearGuard, MaxGuard, EnviroSeal, MasonryGuard) or interior spaces (TouchPoint).

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