Why Enviroguard?

Industry Leaders

The EnviroGuard team has decades of experience in manufacturing and selling high-quality remediation and restoration chemicals. EnviroGuard works with small and large restoration companies alike, from mom-and-pop shops to networks of franchises.

Cost-Effective Solutions

EnviroGuard offers a complete line of remediation and restoration chemicals with factory-direct shipping. By cutting out the middle man and ordering right from the manufacturer, you save.

Unparalleled Support

EnviroGuard brings the personal touch to chemical sales, with a team standing by to assist you whenever you have questions. Our 24/7 online training can get your team up to speed fast.

Regional Distributors

Get the product you need faster by contacting one of our network of knowledgable distributors. We have 8, and we’re adding more fast.

24/7 Training

Any time, day or night, you need to get your crew up to speed, you can access our courses that explain how to get the most from our products.
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